Conor McGregor and MMA go hand in hand at all times and there’s no denying that. He has been tested against all of the world’s best fighters. This time McGregor picks who he thinks is the best grappler in the game.

McGregor was recently asked who he thinks is the best grappler that he’s ever fought. Everybody thought that he would choose Khabib, given that he lost to him. However, he went with an opponent who helped launch him into superstardom at UFC 189, Chad Mendes.

The UFC giant told Clutchpoints that “Them elbows are no joke. Nor the upkicks. Everyone’s ground and pound is piss.” He went on to say that Mendes is the only one who has fazed him in his entire career. That’s a bold thing to say given that he hasn’t won anything in quite some time.

“Not a scratch has there ever been on me. Mendes only one. Fair play all the same; bare-knuckle Chad.”


McGregor eventually won the featherweight fight against Chad. However, it was a very difficult matchup that took McGregor all his skills and time to win. Eventually, it became a huge part of McGregor’s legacy and fans still give Mendes props for his effort, to this day.

This fight is also etched in Chad’s memories forever as it was the most random fixture he could imagine. McGregor and Aldo were scheduled to fight but Aldo got himself injured before the match and had to walk out. Chad got called up to replace Aldo and it became one of the memorable nights for the fighters and MMA fans.

Conor appreciating Chad for what he has done for him while being in the ring is an amazing gesture. McGregor is a superstar and whenever he opens his mouth, people are going to listen, and this time he only spoke praises about Mendes.

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Anirban Biswas

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