Travis Scott has been making headlines since the tragic Astroworld disaster. However, Travis is being charged for yet another concert mishap, this time for causing a stampede during one of his concerts at Rolling Loud in 2019.

Police warned Travis to stop his 2019 show at Rolling Loud in Miami because the crowd was out of control, according to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ. That being said, Travis ignored them and enraged his fans even more.

Marchelle Love, a lady who claims she was hurt at the performance, is suing Travis and others, saying that multiple stampedes broke out during Travis’ set. It caused people in the audience to suffocate, lose consciousness, brawl, and be crushed. 

Love believes Travis was conscious of the stampede and could even see people being wounded but did nothing to stop it. She claims he ignored several security and police orders to tone down his act, resulting in a stampede in which her leg was crushed.

Travis should have acted sooner, she alleges in the documents, not just because there had been previous stampedes the night before at Rolling Loud, but also because his events had a record of getting out of control. As you may be aware, Travis is also facing numerous lawsuits in connection with the disastrous Astroworld festival, which caused the deaths of ten people.

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