John Mulaney has worked as an comedian for 18 years, headlining Saturday Night Light since 2008. While he has made controversial political statements in the past he hasn’t been criticized for being transphobic nor encountered any issues with the trans community. However, his name may have been somewhat tarnished thanks to a surprise opener from the always controversial Dave Chappelle.

During a comedy show Friday night in Columbus Ohio, Chappelle opened for Mulaney and apparently made some offensive jokes that were described as “transphobic.” The audience in attendance were told that phones were prohibited but many flocked to social media afterwards to express their displeasure at Chappelle’s sense of humor. Many felt that Chappelle stepped way out of line and were somewhat ambushed by the presence of the controversial comedian.

Apparently, one of the jokes Chappelle made regarded a knife identifying as a gun, in which many in attendance took as an illusion of gender fluidity. The audience also took offense to Mulaney allegedly hugging Chappelle onstage after the opening set. However, there were some who were genuinely pleased to see Chappelle as the surprise opening act and even defended both comedians for their actions that night.

Chappelle has had a rough month as he was attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Chappelle made an joke about the attacker saying “it was a trans man.” The joke was in reference to the controversial comments he made in his 2021 Netflix special, The Closer.


Ever since his comments, Chappelle has continued to make fun of the LGBTQ+ community. During a screening of his documentary Untitled, Chappelle reportedly used the anti-gay “f-slur” and made jokes about pronouns. Although he continues to poke at the LGBTQ+ community, it doesn’t seem like Chappelle will be slowing down anytime soon as he already has his upcoming Netflix series Chappelle’s Home Team on the horizon.

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Joshua Jones

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