Azealia Banks is definitely one of the most established female rappers in the hip-hop world. On top of that, she is also known to be very judgmental and go after several other musicians. To the shock of absolutely no one, Banks has once again gone after her peers for a random reason.

The rapper always makes sure to share her thoughts on the culture prevalent in the hip hop world. Her opinion often causes a divide as she has supporters as well as haters for almost every single topic.

Recently, Megan Thee Stallion caused a lot of controversy after she cropped out Cara Delevingne in a photo with Doja Cat. This was largely due to the fact that neither of them are exactly close friends.

Many people came after Cara Delevingne as footage of her licking Azealia Banks’ leg during a performance. Azealia Banks took to Twitter and jumped to Delevingne’s defense as she blasted both Megan Thee Stallion and Jay-Z.


“Cara doesn’t have an obsession with black women. It’s that upper crust English society full of fake white and jealous white hoes who were never as charismatic as she is that made fake friendships, tried sabotaging her every which way she moved and the intense jealousy… Of her older and extremely plain looking sister poppy that always made Cara feel sad and lonely,” Azealia wrote. She claimed Cara’s sister was sabotaging her within the industry, making “mad back handed slick sh*t” and airing our her sister’s business.

Azealia added that Cara’s struggles in the industry were similar to hers, so she always held her down. “Lots of English society/media took advantage of that and there were plenty of times I would just hide Cara in my apartment for days at a time to make sure she got some deep sleep and some actual food and wasn’t just thrown out amongst the wolves like that,” she added. “Everyone always wanted to use Cara for what they could get from her, and luckily for her – none of them got anything substantial. deep down I could tell she was (like me) so used to being told ur a bad person that she began to believe those things about her self and go out of her.

Just because you are big and fucking doofy doesnt mean anyone is SCARED of you. Roc Nation is ALWAYS trying to use Cara as a way to push their artists into the fashion world and I cannot WAIT until Jay gets over Meg like he did Rita,” she continued. “hat an angry, violent, aggressive and messy lesbian drunk. F****CK yuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk. Cara is not your fashion bitch sis…. You screamed protect black women then helped Popeyes sell surplus sweet heat sauce and fried chicken sandwiches. Jay-Z literally took one look at ur dumbass and switched out the Hennessy for his own brand of d’usee while u grieved the loss of your mom…… even he knows that is all you are worth.”

Azealia Banks is never one to mince her words and she certainly spoke her mind regarding this topic as well. It is unlikely Megan Thee Stallion and Jay-Z will respond to what Banks said. Regardless, Cara Delevingne will be glad Banks stood up for her.

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