Joel Embiid was one of the finalists for the NBA MVP award. Many believe Embiid should have easily won the championship. After all, he was one of the top players in the NBA all season, winning the scoring title in the process.

Despite this, Embiid was overlooked for the second year in a row, with Nikola Jokic taking the title. This is a move that the press seemed to like, but the fans despised. Embiid is the legitimate MVP, according to the majority of NBA players, and Sixers fans are no exception.

Unfortunately, fundamental biases were at work here, and Embiid was unjustly passed over. Embiid is now being recognized with an MVP award, but it is not from the NBA. In essence, the Philadelphia City Council has decided to crown Embiid the city’s MVP.

Philly City Council just passed a resolution that names Joel Embiid our MVP – “Most Valuable Philadelphian”


Embiid is currently the Most Valuable Philadelphian, according to journalist Anna Orso. Sure, it’s a consolation award, but it shows how much the city of Philadelphia adores its big guy. Embiid, hopefully, is feeling the love right now. The Sixers may try it again next season, and if he can match his performances, he’ll be in the MVP debate once more.

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Gunjan Nath

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