Kendrick Lamar has taken the music industry by storm after releasing an album after 5 long years. The highly anticipated album, “Mr. Morale &the Big Steppers” has some of the most intricately written material in Hip-Hop History. One such song has started a significant conversation going in the trans community.

The Humble rapper announced his arrival on the scene after five years with a full album that harnesses Kendrick’s musical genius. One of the tracks in the album namely, “Auntie Diaries” has garnered attention due to the subject matter. In the song K Dot masterfully depicts his transgender relatives.

Kendrick detailed growing up with a transgender uncle on “Auntie Diaries.” He recalled how he processed his uncle’s gender identity during his childhood. To add to the story, he also rapped about having a trans cousin.

Kenny also mentioned the issues that his trans cousin faced back in the day. He describes a confrontation with a preacher who singled out his cousin in front of the congregation. Such encounters have made him question the ways of life as he rapped vividly painting a picture for the listeners.


“My auntie became a man and I took pride in it/She wasn’t gay, she ate p####, and that was the difference/That’s what I told my friends in second grade/She picking me up from school, they stare at her in the face/They couldn’t comprehend what I grew accustomed”

“Aunties Diaries” elicited both praise and criticism on Twitter. Some felt it should be celebrated while others took issue with the track’s language and execution. People came out with different explanations to support their thought processes on the song.

Kendrick has always made people question the important things in life through his music. His lyricism paved the way for more refined thoughts among individuals. Creating a piece of art that addresses issues like this will always be withheld with a huge chunk of respect.

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Anirban Biswas

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