Drake is an ever-trending rapper who seems to appreciate nature. He enjoys spending his free time in the backyard of his opulent estate. However, this summer Drake appeared to be frustrated because his backyard has been overtaken by a few territorial birds.

While there are definite advantages to having a house, as Drake pointed out earlier this week, there are also drawbacks. The father of one took to Instagram on Thursday, May 12th, to announce that he has a new foe lurking around his home, however, this one isn’t human.

“Hottest day of the year, and we can’t even enjoy the backyard because we’re being f*cking bullied by these two right here who have literally shit on every inch of the property for the past month and a half.”

“And you know how geese get, plus we got a duck family over here. Like my whole crib has just been reported.”

While filming the two obnoxious birds, Drizzy stated from his residence, dubbed “The Embassy.” He joked, evidently frustrated at not being able to fully utilize his $100 million mansion. While now Drake may not be allowed to step outdoors in his backyard.

The highly anticipated return of his beloved OVO Fest will take place later this summer. During an unexpected appearance at UK rapper Dave’s program, the “4422” hitmaker shared the wonderful news.

“Toronto, please, like I said, this guy right here is a once-in-a-generation talent.”

“Whether he’s rapping, pouring out his heart, whether he’s turning all the way up, whether he’s playing the piano, whether he’s acting in our show, Top Boy, I promise you this guy right here is a one of one. Make some muthaf*cking noise for Dave. I love you with all my heart. They let the city back open so I will see you at OVO Fest soon.”

OVO Fest is finally arriving. Are you all excited to experience it? We’ll have to see if birds target OVO Fest’s return. There are still more OVO Fest updates to come, so stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest news.

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