Britney Spears is an avid social media user and the pop star takes every chance she gets to update her fans on what’s going on in her life. Her recent post caused a lot of concerns as her dog got a bit of Britney on him.

Spears took to Instagram to share with her 40 million fans on the platform that she fell in her garden accidentally. In the now-deleted post, she showed off her injury where she hurt her knee and was bleeding a bit.

Spears was then seen in another photo with blood on her hand, hugging her lovable pooch, Sawyer. This got her security team concerned. Spears’ team found blood on the dog’s paw and initially assumed the little pet was injured but she cleared the confusion. The ‘Toxic Singer’ explained her ordeal in the quote below.

“Casted away yet set again to own it … I say it with no humiliation at all whatsoever !!! I literally sit in it … the embarrassment I bathe in it d tJ … cry in it and laugh in it … it’s nice folks and believe it or not the garden I fell down in and scrapped my knee was more than just THAT … it was a big deal !!! big deal out of nothing why yes … my bloody knee sprinkled over to my dog’s paws … security said Sawyer is hurt and I said no it’s me … I think my dog and I became one at that moment like some sort of weird vampire la shit … wait is my face gonna turn bleach-white tomorrow @ ??? In my London days just heels … red lips and the whitest face known to mankind … yep that was me … now,” Spears wrote.


Spears recently announced she was pregnant, which is why she should be more careful next time. Even minor injuries such as this are bad for her current state. [In a sad update, Spears lost that pregnancy]

Britney Spears is loving her newfound liberation and living her best life. If that means that Sawyer gets a bit of blood on him, then it doesn’t seem to bother her. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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Bhupen Dange

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