Country legend Naomi Judd was discovered dead on Saturday, April 30th, at the age of 76. Naomi’s passing was officially verified by her daughters Ashley and Wynonna in a joint statement to the Associated Press following suspicions of her death. Recently, shocking new details concerning Judd’s passing have surfaced.

During a recent interview with Good Morning America, Ashley Judd, the daughter of the famous country singer disclosed her mother’s devastating and tragic cause of death. Naomi’s 54-year-old daughter Ashley disclosed to ABC’s Diane Sawyer that her mother died from “a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

She used a weapon…a firearm. So that’s the piece of information that we are very uncomfortable sharing, but understand that we’re in a position that if we don’t say it someone else is going to. When you’re talking about mental illness, it’s important to distinguish between the loved one and the disease. My mother knew that she was seen and she was heard in her anguish, and she was walked home.

Ashley went on to say that she was only comfortable discussing her mother’s cause of death in order to raise awareness about mental illness. Although Naomi’s death was initially thought to be the consequence of a suspected suicide, Ashley’s confession to Sawyer and Good Morning America on Thursday morning validated that theory.


Naomi has already spoken openly about her ongoing fight with mental illness and how it has brought her dangerously close to death on several occasions. The country music legend died just one day before she was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, an award that was accepted in her memory and on her behalf by her two children.

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