Blac Chyna promised fresh beginnings as she revealed she was baptized on her birthday. This comes only days after a woman filed a police case against her. Just recently, the video vixen-turned-reality television star turned 34, and was dipped in her pool for her religious rebirth.

On Thursday, Chyna resorted to social media to inform her fans of the news. The Kardashian family’s archenemy dressed all white while standing in the chlorine-filled body of water and posted a video of the ceremony in her garden. “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” the priest, who was clad entirely in black, said while the video was being edited in slow motion.

Born again on my Birthday 5/11/22 #newbeginnings.

Another man in white went over backwards and dunked Chyna under the water. The mother of two was dripping wet as she dried her eyes as friends and relatives cheered her on. Last week, Chyna was accused of kicking a lady in the stomach during an alleged altercation that went physical outside of a nightclub, thus her religious awakening comes at an unusual time.


She’s being investigated for battery after Sequoya King reported the alleged incident to the cops. According to King, she went to a club in Los Angeles with Chyna and friends on Friday. When fellow club patrons pulled out their phones about 5:30 a.m., the reality star allegedly became anxious. Chyna claimed that King was surreptitiously recording her, which King denied. Chyna allegedly grabbed her phone and flung it, smashing the front and back of the phone, according to King.

Let’s see if things turn around for Blac Chyna. If anything, she will keep hustling, no matter what.

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