Amanda Seyfried has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors. Her career got started as a child actor in “As the World Turns.” The role that made her a household name was that of Karen Smith in the classic comedy, “Mean Girls.”

Seyfried was just a teenager at the time, but her ditzy character immediately became iconic. Movie fans all remember her line about having a “fifth sense” — the Karen character believed she could tell it was going to rain because of her breasts.

While talking to Marie Claire, Amanda Seyfried spoke about how the reaction to the character freaked her out. Male fans seemed to always want to reference that one scene. Seyfried thought it was gross.

“I always felt really grossed out by that. I was like 18 years old. It was just gross.”

Amanda said those and similar incidents made her feel afraid of fame. She moved into a farm house with her husband, son, and daughter to get out of the limelight a little bit. Since then, she has grown more comfortable with her popularity.

Fans who run into Amanda Seyfried should probably think of another line to bring up in the future. Since Mean Girls, she has performed in dozens of film and television projects. Amanda may have been grossed out by the reaction to her character, but it helped to launch a stellar career.

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Michael Perry

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