Travis Scott’s Astroworld 2021 left causalities and frightened concertgoers. There are some huge lawsuits in play, but that comes with a disagreement. According to the attorneys representing the accused victims, the number of persons injured at Astroworld last year was astronomically larger than first thought.

Sean Roberts, Jason Atkin, and Richard Mithoff, whose firms are representing scores of people in a class action-style lawsuit over the tragedy, have submitted a new document. It outlines the amount of death and injury claims related to the Astroworld disaster.

According to the paperwork acquired by TMZ, the attorneys allege that in addition to the 10 people who died, they’ve identified another 732 people who claim to have been gravely hurt. The latter are now qualified as requiring “intensive medical treatment.”

Another 1,649 claim to have experienced injuries that required “less substantial medical treatment,” while another 2,540 say their injuries are still being investigated. According to the attorneys, 4,900 persons were hurt or killed in the rush.


The problem is that the paper doesn’t clarify what criteria are used to differentiate each injury type; it simply provides raw data. The information will most likely be revealed at a later time. In any event, the fact that they’re alleging tens of thousands of individuals were affected as a result of what happened at Astroworld is startling, especially considering the early estimates were closer to 300 or 400 people.

The matter is still moving through the legal system. Travis Scott and others have disputed blame for the disaster in some degree, as we’ve previously documented. The latest data were initially revealed by Rolling Stone.

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