Flysoulja and Kodiyakredd went viral, after a video of them singing an original composition called “I’m an Island Boy” came out, in October of last year. The twins have been America’s “favorite” identical twins since then, Currently, both of them combined have a net worth of $6000,000. They are also not ones to let a story go about them for long, because there are already enough about them already.

The brothers are quite well at accumulating attention and earning money from it. Their self promotional tactics sometimes have been annoying. However, they issued an open “celebrity boxing” challenge to any rapper on this planet, which received negative comments from many people.

During their recent trip to Hawaii, video footage of The Island Boys engaging in a slugfest with a group of locals went viral where pedestrians were dissing their wealth and their fighting skills.

Since the incident, various hip hop blogs such as No Jumper and Drama Alert reported that during the slugfest the twins had their chain stolen and Hawaiians who were present at the scene have claimed full responsibility for the theft.


However, The Twin brothers denied any such reports by sharing a series of IG posts condemning any hip-hop news blogs for reporting that they had their chains stolen. The dropped a video to prove that their chains are still around their necks.

We’ll have to see how much water this holds. After all, the hip-hop community has spread false stories in the past. Only time will tell what’s next for the Island Boys.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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