Bobby Brown has been through quite a life, but fans haven’t heard the whole story yet. Brown is set to share details of his troubled past in his upcoming A&E Biography, which is due to air later this month. In his biography, Brown reveals how he was molested by a priest who “touched his privates” as a child.

The R&B singer also explained during an exclusive with The Sun.  how his mother was arrested and beaten by cops in front of him while attempting to break up a fight. He was left in the care of a priest who sexually abused him. Bobby Brown revealed,

“When my mother was arrested I was sent to temporary custody by social services which was supposed to be a religious place. It was not a nice place to be as a child. One of the priests tried to molest me,” 

While he appeared uncomfortable at the disclosure as he said, “Wow I didn’t think we was going to talk about that,” he then shared further details of the incident. Bobby further said, “He [the priest] tried to touch my private parts. There was no penetration or anything.” The troubling memory continued with even more details.


“He touched my privates and I didn’t like that. I punched and kicked and punched some more until he got away from me; so I ran away from there as quickly as possible.”

Bobby Brown said the incident confused him, and he found it difficult to process. He shared, “At that time I was a young boy I didn’t know what sexual boundaries were. I just knew I didn’t like being touched. Some things are hard to forget.” 

Bobby Brown also opened up about his sex addiction and 1989 arrest for “simulating sexual acts.” He recalled his relationships with Madonna and Janet Jackson. He revealed that he had “big crush” on Janet Jackson. However, Bobby Brown claimed Janet Jackson ended the relationship because “she couldn’t be with a man like myself” from the projects.  

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