Kevin Samuels, a YouTuber, became well-known for his controversial relationship advice. The self-proclaimed image expert has millions of followers across his social media platforms. Kevin Samuels’ conversation with the woman who reported his death has recently surfaced on video.

In the aftermath of Kevin’s untimely death, a woman claims she did the right thing.
Kevin Samuels cause of death was initially unknown, but Atlanta Police issued a statement explaining what happened.

They stated that they had received a call reporting that a man had collapsed in his home. When first responders arrived, they began CPR on Samuels, who was unresponsive. During his final moments, he was accompanied by an unknown woman.

She claimed she spent the night with the 56-year-old and that he was experiencing chest pains the morning he died. For days, no one knew who the mystery lady was, but she appears to have come forward. A woman claimed to be the last person with Samuels on her Instagram story recently.


It’s crazy how complete strangers try to hurt your character. Believe it or not, there’s still good hearted people in this cruel world. Unbelievable to think that I have to clear my name for doing the right thing. Let me find a lawyer and make these people take all this mess down. I’m a humble six figure woman from the Midwest. No need for a one night stand. My family and close friends know I’m a good person. People are evil but sending you love.

Many social media users assumed her relationship with Samuels was merely a fling. She came forward, in order to put an end to those allegations. The woman also warned that if she was not left alone, she would resort to legal action. It has not been confirmed whether she is the woman who lives in Samuel’s house. Details about the death of the controversial YouTuber are still being

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