Wendy Williams hosted the nationally syndicated television talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, from 2008 to 2022. It was announced in February that The Wendy Williams Show was being canceled and Shepherd would be taking over the beloved chat-fest’s timeslot with a talk show of her own after Williams was forced to take an extended break due to a series of health woes. It seems Sherri Shepherd’s new daytime talk show has already lost one viewer.

Wendy Williams admitted during a sit-down interview with Fat Joe that while she misses being on The Wendy Williams Show, she won’t be tuning in to Sherri anytime soon. She told the rapper during the interview that, “I wish I was there. I wish I was there right now to talk about it,” She added,

“I’m glad I’m able to talk about when I come back, you know?”

The former radio DJ appears to be implied the show isn’t gone for good. When asked if she meant an entirely new series or if there were plans for her to come back to her old show, Williams didn’t hesitate. She asserted that, “I’m coming to The Wendy Williams Show, Absolutely. Absolutely.”

“I won’t be watching her [Sherri Shepherd] because I know what she’ll be doing and that’s not really my thing … you know what I’m saying? But I love, I love being on my own show. And I love that people love to watch it, you know, all the time.”

As we previously reported, this isn’t the first time Williams has hinted about plotting an epic return for The Wendy Williams Show. When questioned by a photographer if she would be back on tv anytime soon, she said, “of course! The Wendy Williams Show lives forever!”

The embattled television personality apparently has high hopes when it comes to making her big comeback. Fans are certainly waiting for her highly anticipated return to television. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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