Tammy Lynn Sytch was involved in a fatal three-car crash. The driver of the vehicle hit by Sytch, identified as Julian Lafrancis Lasseter Jr. of Daytona Beach Shores, was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Now Sytch is facing DUI manslaughter and 8 other charges, but she was warned.

The WWE Hall Of Famer was arrested on several charges relating to the aforementioned incident. As previously reported, the penalty for her crimes could keep her in jail for 30 years.

Not only that, but a $227,500 bond was needed in order for her release from jail. Sunny managed to pay that amount and has since been out of jail. It is unclear who paid her bond.

According to Newsdaytonabeach.com, there were previous incidents before the crash. Back in December last year, Sytch reportedly had three separate interactions with Daytona Beach Police and two of those incidents took place back to back.

They also posted a video where a police officer told Sytch that she needs to leave her boyfriend and get off alcohol. Sytch even said that she was looking through her boyfriend’s pants to look for a Xanax. When asked if she had a prescription, Sytch stated that her prescription was at home and she needed to take it as she relapsed and was feeling shaky. 

The officer said that another item that was found would need to be tested he believed it was crystal meth. Sytch then asked why her boyfriend would even have meth in the first place.

This story has a lot left to unpack as her trial looms over the Orginal Diva’s head. Now this surfaced video gives a very clear picture of what was going on. We will continue monitoring this story here at Thirsty.

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