Ray Benzino, the rapper-turned-publisher-turned-reality-TV star, is on a Twitter rampage, blasting everyone who has caused him problems throughout his career, including his most recent scandals. Zino appeared to explode after learning of Eminem’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

While his argument may be valid, with fans wondering why Nas, Naughty by Nature, or Salt-N-Pepa are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there is an undercurrent of biased history in his comments.

Benzino and Eminem have a history of feuding, which famously prevented the rapper from being featured in The Source magazine, which Benzino co-owned for years.

Listen we all know that @Eminem is a great artist and sold millions of units and deserves any award coming to him, all I’m saying is let’s not forget the legends who paved the way before him. The RRHOF has to recognize everyone if it truly represents Hip Hop.


Benzino and Dave Mays eventually lost control of The Source magazine after investors felt they were bad for the business. Benzino decided to smoke everyone after thrashing Eminem on Twitter this week, especially the transwoman who claimed the two were in a relationship.

As previously reported, Shauna Brooks released audio of the CIS-gendered man saying, “I don’t watch tr*nny p*rn…my father would disown me… I’m just now adapting to this world…“ Benzino has denied being in a relationship, which Brooks has denied. He also threatened her in an online post, saying he was willing to go to jail because of the situation.

Now now this is the last time I even address this goofy sh-t. Now first the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE said we were in a relationship and said I was hiding HIM/IT. Then HE/SHE/IT does an interview and says we actually never met in person and HE/SHE/IT/BEAST turned down my advances.

Now the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE does a wack *ss song and which HE/SHE/IT doesn’t actually rap in it but says I gave HE/SHE/IT some head. Now RATMAN [50 Cent] posts a video with HE/SHE/IT IS posing in UNDERWEAR. all while the MAN/BEAST/HE/SHE/IT keeps tagging Love and Hip Hop.

Benzino then turned his attention to 50 Cent, who never fails to amuse when it comes to clowning the Boston native. Fif was quick to post the music video for Shauna Brooks’ diss track against Benzino. Check out all his Twitter explosion and the Instagram video below.

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