Jerry Jones is one of the most visible owners in the National Football League. Jones’ attitude is that bigger is better. It seems his recent car crash video has surfaced and things look pretty ugly there.

Jerry Jones was fortunate to escape serious injury in his car accident recently. A video was obtained by TMZ Sports. The Dallas Cowboys owner T-boned a car while travelling at a relatively high speed.

According to the video’s time stamp, the crash occurred around 6:10 PM. It happened near the intersection of Wolf St. and Harry Hines Blvd. in Dallas, about 20 miles from the Cowboys’ practice facility. The video appears to show that as a silver car attempted to make a left turn from the right lane on a one-way street.

Jones was driving a dark-colored sedan when he collided with its side. Jones appeared to have a slight limp in the video, which was captured by Allen Roberson Jr., and at one point, he rolled up his pant leg to inspect his knee area. Meanwhile, his car was abandoned in the middle of the road.


As Jones approached the silver car on foot, an occupant of the vehicle appeared to be in pain. Medical personnel eventually arrived on the scene and rushed Jones to a nearby hospital with what were described as minor injuries. Stephen Jones, Jones’ son, told multiple media outlets that Jerry had already returned home a short time after being checked out at the medical facility and was fine.

There is no word on whether the passengers in the other car were seriously injured. The Cowboys have yet to make a public statement about the situation. Check out the video and photos below.

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