Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their first child together in real life. However, they recently appeared in their music video for the new single “DMB” (which stands for “Dat’s My Bitch”) on Thursday which sparked a lot of speculation among the fans.

The couple is clearly in love, but they aren’t planning on getting married anytime soon, despite what admirers may believe based on his new video. Despite A$AP’s recently-released “D.M.B.” video, where they displayed their grills at each other, sources close to the pair told TMZ that the two aren’t engaged.

Fans immediately assumed Rocky had asked RiRi for her hand in marriage or that they had already married. The music video also has a lot of wedding-related visuals, which has sparked even more conjecture.

The whole thing was reportedly purely for fun. As you may know, the two are expecting their first child together, and the due date is approaching quickly. Fans freaked out on social media, wondering whether they were hinting at something more.

In the music video, A$AP Rocky could be seen proposing to Rihanna, where they display their grills at each other, with his saying “Marry Me” and Rihanna’s saying “I Do.” But unfortunately, everything was just a joke. We’ll have to see if they do tie the knot eventually.

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