Erika Jayne has been involved in a long, messy court battle after her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, got involved in an embezzlement case. Jayne has repeatedly denied any involvement in the scheme, but she has repeatedly had to answer to the legal process. The latest development involves Jayne working to swing a pricy deal to pay off some of Girardi’s leftover debt.

Radar obtained court documents related to the controversial case. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is serving as the trustee over Tom Girardi in the case. With millions of debt to take care of, Jayne has taken a drastic step.

A piece of jewelry worth over $1 million will be turned over to help cover some of those expenses. Girardi bought the expensive earrings back in 2007 for about $750,000. Tom was accused of using his client’s money to make this and other purchases for Erika Jayne.

The current suit is attempting to collect money for restitution for Girardi’s victims. Some of those include a burn victim, widows, and orphans. The dastardly scheme has left Erika Jayne’s personal and professional life a mess.

Erika Jayne initially objected to turning over the earrings. Eventually, she did agree to turn them over. In the meantime, she is preparing her defense, with an eye on getting them back.

As part of the deal, there will be an appraisal of the jewelry. That has yet to be completed. It sounds like Erika Jayne will have no choice but to turn over this and other expensive gifts that Tom Girardi bought her with his ill-gotten money. Erika doesn’t want to let it happen without a fight.

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Michael Perry

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