50 Cent is certainly one of the most established rappers in the history of the hip-hop industry. He has worldwide appeal and has appeared in various mediums such as games, movies, books and more. It seems 50 Cent recently flooded American Cancer City Event with a river of champagne.

Fif served as the adult beverage sponsor for the “Bigger and Better” event in Houston, which also included the American Cancer Society as a sponsor. According to a well-produced Instagram post, 50 Cent sent hundreds of bottles of Le Chemin du Roi champagne to flood the event at Houston’s Union Station.

The event was massive, with hundreds of people dressed up in big 10-gallon hats, ready to compete in a Tenenbaum Jeweler’s pig race. While people of all races praised the artist’s champagne, he is seen in one scene of the recap feeding chocolate Oreo cookies to a black pig. At the end of his video, the host made a statement.

He [50 Cent] donated all the champagne tonight. He is now a member of the community, and he is doing some really marvelous things within the community.

The South Jamaica native captioned on his social media with love, “Houston, America Cancer Society I’m keeping good company.” A person at the event couldn’t agree more and wrote in his comment section that it was a great event. He thanked Fif for the donation and noted that the champagne was delicious.

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