Oprah Winfrey has a new project that focuses on racial inequities in healthcare and COVID, an issue she says is far from over and has been overlooked. Oprah has recently discussed her reaction to COVID-19, as well as her wider lessons about what the epidemic has taught her about healthcare inequality in the United States.

The media mogul spoke with the LA Times to promote her new documentary, “The Color of Care,” which premieres this weekend on the Smithsonian Channel. She spoke a lot about racism, healthcare, celebrity privilege, mask mandates, and what one might call COVID amnesia, particularly in relation to those who have died in the pandemic.

On the subject of masks, Oprah says she still believes in wearing them. Also, she respects people who choose to ditch it. Oprah also mentioned how we as a society seem to have glossed over the numerous COVID deaths in the past.

“I don’t recognize a country where you’ve lost nearly a million people and there hasn’t been some form of remembering that is significant. Not at the opening of a speech or mentioning in a State of the Union.”


Oprah then spoke about how POC, particularly those living in poverty, have struggled to navigate the healthcare system over the last two years. She believes race has played a role in them being given the cold shoulder. Oprah then continued speaking about her own background, admitting that as a well-known person, she’s been given a lot of access and attention throughout her life.

Oprah claims that one of the best rewards of fame is being able to obtain the best of anything you require whenever something goes wrong. However, she reveals that she had a thyroid ailment in the mid-2000s that was misdiagnosed by many doctors, who she claims were afraid of her fame and didn’t want to find out what was actually wrong with her.

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Smita Singha Roy

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