Amanda Bynes and her fiancé, Paul Michael, were smacked into controversy when she accused Paul of using crack and looking at incest porn. Recently, she cleared up the situation by posting a video update on social media. It appears, Paul has something things to say about the recent altercation they had.

Michael broke his silence on their social media drama hours after she made jaw-dropping claims, only to retract them. He explained to Radar Online that, “Amanda thought I had a stash. I do not use drugs and it was a big misunderstanding. It was not my intention to have any public comment,”

Paul asserted that, “That is a private matter and serious.” He clarified that, “I am now sober from a relapse that may have happened long in the past but I am not using now,” He further said that he drug-tested and it was negative.

“The drug test was clean. The relapse was not [of] any significance or a controlled or illegal substance. I am clean for many years.”


Michael also shared that he’s been doing a pre-law course, so he has been busy with that. As we reported earlier, Bynes’ fiancé called the cops early this morning after a verbal dispute between them. He told the dispatcher she was acting “out of control” and had taken some of his Adderall, an allegation her lawyer has since denied.

However, it appears the She’s the Man actress and Michael have seemingly ended their feud as quickly as it started. They were spotted locking lips and hugging in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to Thirsty for future updates.

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Shubham Banerjee

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