Tyrese Gibson’s life has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years, especially the past year. Earlier this year, Gibson experienced a tragedy as his mother passed away due to illness. Gibson also admitted he needs more therapy now.

Tyrese Gibson is known to be quite open when it comes to his emotional and mental state. Tyrese is currently working on Fast & Furious‘s tenth installment, as it has been keeping him busy.

Despite all this, Tyrese Gibson’s mental state is clearly not what he would like it to be. As such, the actor recently decided to self-reflect a lot and figure out what he needs to do.

Tyrese Gibson took to his Instagram and uploaded a post, where he reflected on his divorce from Samantha Gibson. He also got trolled a bit by his reaction to forking over $16k a month to her.


Gibson uploaded a photo of himself with the late Paul Walker and said, “I got you bro.” Gibson admitted he needs more therapy as well.

Paul I promise you I got you bro. #FASTX I think I need more therapy I’m still not over losing my mom, Paul, John Singleton, and Lashawn Daniels. When people pass on? They just leave us all here to deal with it. That’s really painful stuff pray for me y’all….. lately I’ve e been unraveling, painfully processing this all… This divorce has to end she has dragged this all out for a year and 8 months. I just want peace and to be left alone. Coming up on 3 weeks since I’ve been able to record my new #BeautifulPain album I have felt PAUSED…. God is trying to tell me something so I’ve decided to pause and receive whatever he’s trying to tell me…One thing you will understand in success comes a lot of super random DUMB SHIT and as the world moves on cause of its short attention span we just have to sit here and swim in this shit and most people don’t care to notice
Here’s my cry for help

God is good I am rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ who is my Lord and savior but I sometimes wish God were to give me even more clarity beyond what I already know

At times I wish I the likes of my hero Denzel Washington to call me and say come camp out and stay in my guest house for 4 months let’s just talk everyday and pray and watch me FLY!!!!

But I’m sure that won’t happen for now?
I’m just gonna sit here and keep processing

Success comes with strife the devil will maliciously orchestrate and attack the weak and vulnerable

Pray for me guys. I just wanna be great
Oh damn I’m sure my phone is about to ring
Sorry not taking calls just pray for me

I’m clear very clear that people are on their knees right now PRAYING FOR WHAT I ALREADY HAVE.
I wanna open my own MOVIE STUDIO and I wanna figure out how to make #VoltronTravel.com successful I just need help so much potential so so so much potential

-I hope 3 people who read this book hotels, flights and car rentals

The billionaire with no ideas?
Call me I promise you these visions are ideas are endless and of A-GRADE quality

I just wanna be successful beyond movies and music I really pray for my creative breakthroughs I won’t be fully fulfilled until it happens
VoltronTravel.com don’t just look book!


We wish Tyrese Gibson all the best in everything in life and hope he can get all the help he needs in order to get healthier and happier himself.

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