Jason Sudeikis has gotten on a lot of people’s nerves following his act of publicly serving custody papers to Olivia Wilde. At the same time, many are praising him for this public display.

As noted earlier, Wilde was served legal documents for custody while she was presenting a movie at CinemaCon. While on stage at the event she received an envelope and had to endure a bit of embarrassment.

Olivia and Jason split a while ago and it is said that he left him for Harry Styles. It cannot be coincident that she received legal documents while promoting her new movie, “Don’t Worry Darling,” featuring Styles.

The Internet has chimed in on the incident, while many are calling Jason a “scumbag” for pulling this move. A good amount of people applauded his style of serving papers in this manner. One fan wrote, “Wait, y’all telling me he served her custody papers while on stage? Jason Sudeikis continues to be a great white.”


An angry Twitter user commented, “Jason Sudeikis is a scumbag. How can he have something as private as custody papers delivered to his ex while she’s working? It’s already hard enough for women without psycho exes undermining their livelihood.” You can check out the rest of the amusing reactions below.

This situation is far from over. We will continue to keep our eye on what’s going on between these two right here at Thirsty.

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Bhupen Dange

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