Ikem Ekwonu is a prominent NFL draft prospect. Because of his versatility and play demeanor, Ikem Ekwonu has emerged as a favored target in mock drafts for the New York Giants. However, Ikem Ekwonu has recently admitted the first big purchase he’ll make with his rookie money would be a dope new pad.

“Ickey” told TMZ in Vegas on Wednesday night that he’s just looking for a nice place to stay. The former North Carolina State offensive lineman, who is projected to be chosen in the top five on Thursday night in Las Vegas, says he plans to spend some of the money he receives after the draft on a new place.

“I’ll find a nice place to stay. Apartment, condo — something.”

When the hunting begins, Ekwonu will have a lot of lavish mansions to select from. After all, top-five picks in the draft make roughly $30 million on their first contract.


Ekwonu recently said that he has no preference as to where he wants to end up, though he did mention he wouldn’t mind blocking for Trevor Lawrence in the fall. However, some experts believe he will end up going to the Jacksonville Jaguars at #1 overall, while some believe he’ll end up going to the Houston Texans at #3.

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Smita Singha Roy

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