Derek Stingley Jr. has been shooting up the board in various NFL mock drafts. With round one set to kick off tonight, the LSU cornerback is letting everyone know that he’s already a star. Singley was spotted hanging out at Splash Lounge in Las Vegas last night unwinding before the big day.

Stingley is expected to be a top-five pick in this year’s draft. That means he will be coming into huge money soon enough. He’s already got a new custom gold chain to help build his brand, according to TMZ.

The pendant takes up about a third of Derek’s chest. It’s held in place with a chain encrusted with tons of diamonds. Stingley is already living the NFL lifestyle.

In January, Derek Stingley Jr. was spotted courtside at an NBA game wearing a much smaller version of the same logo. With a huge influx of cash expected, he decided to upgrade. There is no word on what he spent for the massive chain.


Derek Stingley was a 2019 consensus All American on the LSU team that took home the national championship. He was only a freshman. Stingley will now test his skills against the most elite players in the game.

Stingley doesn’t seem to mind not knowing where he winds up. He’s just enjoying the ride. Derek is hoping his success on the field leads to all kinds of opportunities outside of football, and he’s already got his brand locked down.

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Michael Perry

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