Megan Fox is having a good time. This much we are all aware of. Every red carpet she walks on, every Kardashian she hangs out with, and every outfit she wears is scrutinized, idolized, or meme-ified, results in daily headlines. Megan Fox recently claimed that she create MGK. When Megan Fox was four years old, she manifested Machine Gun Kelly. The highly spiritual actress revealed that the punk rapper was shaped by her thoughts and intentions since childhood.

The newly engaged actress opened up about personal details from her life. Her blood-drinking rituals, spiritual practices, transgenderism, and Machine Gun Kelly were all discussed. The Glamour magazine spread featured stunning photos and fascinating information, and the manifesting thing piqued people’s interest.

Megan claimed that the fact that she is four years older than Machine Gun Kelly backs up her claims. Megan Fox revealed a slew of details. Her personal and spiritual beliefs were revealed during the interview. One of the more intriguing claims is that she began manifesting her fiancée, MGK, when she was four years old.

He’s literally my exact physical type that I’ve been manifesting since I was four. My thoughts and intentions grew him into the person that he is, who knows what he would’ve looked like or been like if it wasn’t for me.

MGK is 32 years old, and Megan will be 36 next month. Megan revealed that she took a role in the film they co-starred in, Midnight in the Switchgrass, for no apparent reason. People were confused after Megan Fox revealed in an Instagram post that she and MGK drank each other’s blood. Some thought she was exaggerating, while others thought it was an attempt to rile up the media.

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