“Dark Side of the Ring” was a unique look into the often seedy underbelly of professional wrestling. Topics that would never be covered in a WWE-sponsored documentary such as the Chris Benoit murder-suicide and “the plane ride from hell” have been covered in the documentary series. Fans loved getting a peak behind the curtain.

Season three wrapped up with an episode on the WWF steroid trials from the 1990s. The series brought a lot of information to mainstream audiences that wrestling fans have known for years. Careers have been compromised due to some of the things people said in interviews on the show. Jim Ross said he was unhappy with the way his interviews were edited and that he would no longer participate in any future seasons.

Those who have been wondering if Vice is planning for a fourth season will have to sweat it out a little longer. A fan asked Dave Meltzer if there were plans to continue Dark Side of the Ring on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer noted that Vice currently has nothing on the table.

“I’ve not heard of them doing another season. The ratings were down for this season. But… The idea of not doing a season wouldn’t be over Jim Ross and they will always be able to get guests. There might be some people who will say no. There were people who said no before to them. You don’t get everyone.


It’s just a question if they can come up with viable topics, and they’re renewed. It’s still… Even though this prior season was like the big, really successful season, this one… But, you know, you still had some very good episodes in the last season and there’s an endless supply of ideas that you can do. So, it’s just up to Vice essentially greenlighting another season. But, I have not heard anything about another season.”

While a fourth season of DSOTR is not off the table completely, there is currently no plan to bring it back. It would not be because of a lack of participation, however. We will have to wait and see if Vice decides to pick the series up for a fourth season.

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Michael Perry

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