Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker is no doubt one of the industry’s most renowned artists. MGK has dabbled in pop-punk in recent years, and his venture into the genre has been met with mixed reviews. However, he recently got praised for ‘Keeping Rock Alive’.

In an interview with Swedish radio station P4, Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger spoke about the modern rock landscape, expressing what he sees as a recent lack of young bands driving the genre ahead. He pointed to MGK, along with Yungblud, as two artists who are finally giving it fresh life.

“In rock music you need energy, and there have not been a lot of new rock singers around. Now there are a few. You have Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly. That kind of post-punk vibe makes me think there is still a bit of life in rock and roll.”

Many fans believe that MGK is a failed rapper who was pushed out of the rap game by Eminem due to their beef. They also believe that Eminem is the main reason for his genre switch and that he is a poser in the rock scene as a result.

Mick Jagger has shut down rumors that his upcoming Rolling Stones tour would be his last. The band’s Sixty tour will take place across Europe over the months of June and July. However, keep an eye on Thirsty to get the most up-to-date information regarding all music genres.

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Smita Singha Roy

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