Mike Tyson, the heavyweight boxing champion, went viral last week after punching a fellow passenger in the face on a JetBlue aircraft. The subject of Tyson’s wrath continues to harass the 55-year-old athlete until he becomes so enraged that he snaps. It seems Ice-T weighed in on the situation.

Ice-T, on the other hand, doesn’t see anything wrong with Tyson’s reply. The gangsta rap pioneer claimed recently that people have grown so accustomed to spewing their venom on social media that they have forgotten there are real-life consequences when doing it in person.

Mike Tyson punched somebody who was Fn with him. The problem is nowadays, MFs think they WON’T get punched in the Facc. Yep….. But that’s the Fn TRUTH! Clown-ss forgot he was NOT behind his keyboard. If Dumbf-cks said the type of Sh*t they say to me on HERE Face to Face….. I know I’d be in Prison. Social media made y’all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.

When the man, later identified as Melvin Townsend III by TMZ, was caught on tape heckling Tyson, he was seated behind him. Tyson is able to tolerate Townsend’s shenanigans at first, but he soon turns on him after a bottle is thrown at his head. Townsend has subsequently hired his attorney, and his lawyer, Matt Morgan, describes Townsend as a overly enthusiastic fan.


Townsend is said to have a long criminal history, including convictions for fraud, grand theft, burglary, possession of prohibited narcotics, and trafficking in stolen property. The 36-year-old broke into a home and stole a trailer that he towed to his pickup in 2018, while facing an oxycodone possession arrest. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison twice, the first time for 20 months and the second time for 15 months.

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