Brittany Renner is no stranger to controversy and she wants to set the record straight whenever possible. This led to Lil Reese getting thrown under the bus a bit.

Renner decided to share the screenshots, as she and Lil Reese went back and forth on Twitter. Some celebrities like Cam Newtown have been vocal about not hitting Brittany Renner’s DMs, and there are many others who have been vocal about it. Brittany just shared one.

The IG model, who was in the news recently for a possible ice cream date with YG, got a bit back and forth with rapper Lil Reese while on Twitter. Everything seemed to begin when Renner quoted Reese’s tweet and offered a sarcastic answer. Renner quoted Reese’s, “If yo bitch in a million ni$$as likes on some fan sh*t get you another bitch,” and then she added: “It’s just a like” lol “That’s what Instagram is for…it’s a picture liking app” lol ‘It’s not that deep’ lol ‘You’re so insecure’ lol,” t

Reese replied, “Lol no response to a chick like you we kno how you coming already,” ending the tweet with a cry face emoji while implying something else.


Renner was quick to respond, showing a screenshot of a DM asked from Reese to Renner, which Renner clearly hadn’t dealt with. She also wrote beside the screenshot, “Well, there are two sides to every story and then there are screenshots. I’m sorry you’re still hurt that I never replied to your now unsent message. Hope you heal.”

Reese has still not replied. Have a look at the tweets below.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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