Simon Leviev has become one of the world’s most infamous con men. Known as the “Tinder Swindler,” Leviev concocted an elaborate scam to trick women on dating apps into believing he was a wealthy heir. Netflix’ docuseries on his exploits became a major hit earlier this year.

Simon has thus far been able to avoid serious consequences for his actions. That may not last long. A warrant has been issued by authorities in Spain over an incident where Leviev used a fake driver’s licence and got a car stuck on a beach in 2019.

Tarifa police were able to link Simon to the beached luxury vehicle thanks to the Netflix series. After getting the expensive Maserati stuck on the beach, he gave police a fake ID with the name Michael Bilton. Once authorities saw the name mentioned as one of Simon’s aliases in the series, they put two and two together, according to TMZ.

Police were suspicious of the license, but it was a minor offense and Simon was allowed to go free. The rented luxury vehicle was towed away. Now, they’ve issued a warrant for Leviev’s arrest.


The Tinder Swindler failed to respond to a summons regarding the case. That led to things being reopened. Leviev said he has already served time in 2019 for a fake passport. Despite the incidents being unrelated, he said he is being accused of the same crime twice.

Simon Leviev was last seen in March in Tel Aviv. The con man became the mark recently after he paid more than $6,000 to what he thought was a Meta employee to have his Instagram account verified. While the loss of money hurts, an arrest would be far more terrible for the Tinder Swindler.

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Michael Perry

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