Blac Chyna and the Kardashians are battling it out in a long-awaited trial in Los Angeles and it’s intensifying with every passing week. Things are getting ugly as, Kris Jenner recently claimed she was sure Blac Chyna was about to murder Rob Kardashian.

TMZ reports that when Blac Chyna placed a gun pointing at Rob Kardashian’s head, Kris Jenner was certain she was going to kill him and she didn’t think it was a joke. Kris testified for the second day in Chyna’s trial on Friday, alleging she believes BC attempted to murder her son in December 2016. Rob’s mother flung the accusation almost soon away, with Chyna’s lawyer questioning if she thought Chyna tried to murder her son. “I do,” Kris replied.

Kris claims she came to this conclusion after reviewing everything that happened between Rob and Chyna at the time, stating Rob had marks on his body from the phone cord Chyna placed around his neck, as well as a torn shirt. Kris further claimed that Chyna held animosity and hatred toward her family. She also said that alcohol was involved when Chyna pointed the gun at Rob’s head, and that she thought about what it would be like to be in Rob’s shoes at the time.

Chyna said she pointed the gun at Rob as a joke, and that the phone cord she wrapped around his neck was also done in jest. Kris was questioned about why she didn’t notify the cops if she believed Chyna was about to murder her son. She claimed that BC had enough issues with cops and that her own security, which included former LAPD officers, could handle the situation if required.


Kris was also questioned about a text she sent in which she stated, “He (Rob) is devastated, and he needs to ditch the bitch.” Kris told the court she wrote the text out of frustration and rage, adding, “I probably could’ve used a word that was nicer.” Kris was then shown a text message she sent to the showrunner of Rob and Chyna’s reality TV show, in which she wrote, “Let’s take her off the show and just make it Rob raising his daughter.” When asked why she wrote so, she said:

“This is my son that has been traumatized and I was just trying to figure out what to do.”

Kris also burst into tears on the stand as she compared Rob having a gun pointed at his head to Kim Kardashian being tied up in a bathtub in Paris. Kris was also questioned about another text message in which she claimed Chyna beat the crap out of Rob’s face, as well as the meaning behind it.

Jenner drew laughter from the courtroom audience during her explanation when she referenced the Will Smith and Chris Rock moment at the Oscars, saying… “It’s like if I was at the Academy Awards and got hit in the face, might say I got the sh*t beat out of my face.”

Kris was pressed about equating the Oscars slap to the Chyna-Rob incident, and she said her text was just a figure of speech. There is obviously a lot to unpack in this case so keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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