Cardi B is a bona fide sensation who has been on the rise for several years. Fans are always interested in what is going on with Cardi B and they keep their eyes on her every move. Cardi B’s fans were left perplexed recently after she released a voice note on Instagram, but they might get it soon enough.

The WAP rapper stated that recording her new song “Shake It” was “activating demons” from her past. Cardi B got upset in the now-deleted audio tape as she confessed that she never intended to record a drill song because she understood the impact it would have.

I’ve been having these weird feelings lately. That’s kinda why I didn’t want to do this song, ‘Shake It’ or any drill song. These songs are activating these demons that I killed. I don’t wanna be that girl anymore. I just wanna be a mother. The song is activating demons that I locked away a long time ago. I don’t want to be that, I want to be a good person.

Cardi expressed her thoughts with her voice trembling with emotion. Belcais went on to say that she no longer wanted to be that old Cardi and that she had left that lifestyle behind her. While Cardi B later removed the post, it was screen recorded and seen by a large number of her internet fans before she did.

Others felt she was joking, while others expressed concern about the rapper. Cardi doubled down when Tidal tried to offer her an Oscar for her acting talents via a meme of the renowned gold statue. Check out Cardi’s now deleted post below.

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