Danielle Bregoli, better known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie, is a rapper, composer, and internet celebrity from the United States. She rose to prominence during an appearance on Dr. Phil in September 2016, during which she said, “Cash me ousside, how bout dah?” which went viral and became a catchphrase.

Bhad Bhabie now wants to get rid of another alias — the Dr. Phil’s “Cash Me Outside” lady. She claimed that she’s been successful on her own. Bhad Bhabie told TMZ that she wants everyone to forget about her 14 million-view TV interview with the good Doc from 2016.

She claimed that since Phil, she’s become a huge success, and they are the achievements that matter. She cited her OnlyFans victory of winning a million dollars in six hours, for example. And there’s more: she claimed to have made $50 million in total. For a 19-year-old, this is quite impressive.

Bhabie purchased a $6.1 million property in Florida to demonstrate her earning and spending abilities. Thanks to her manager, Adam Kluger, Bregoli has scored multiple multi-million dollar partnerships. Kluger arranged for her to sign with Atlantic Records, but the two have since split ways.


With online merchants like Fashion Nova and CopyCat Beauty, she has made millions in brand deals. The mansion is stunning, and despite her desire to shed her previous identity, she paid the full $6.1 million in cash. Check out her total earnings screenshot which she was more than happy to share on her Instagram story below.

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