Megan Thee Stallion’s cases against 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO Carl Crawford and Tory Lanez are still pending. However, Crawford and Lanez recently met at a nightclub over the weekend.

Crawford took to Instagram to post a video of both Tory Lanez and Carl Crawford sharing a laugh alongside J. Prince Jr. and Sauce Walka. “U never know who u might bump into in the [emojis],” Crawford wrote in the caption of the video posted on Monday.

Crawford and Tory were called out by people in the comments section for insulting Meg by posting the video. One individual wrote, “Yeahhh naw this cornball activity,” while another added, “This n-gga with meg old record label owner. my enemies wanna be friends with my other enemies.”

Megan and Crawford’s dispute erupted again in March when Crawford countersued, claiming she owed them an album to be published on 1501 Certified Entertainment.

Meg fired back saying:

“Carl I don’t wanna be signed to yo pill popping ass! You talking abt I ain’t paid for a show and you sound slow. Im the artist I don’t pay you directly maybe fight with THE MAN YOU SIGNED TO AND YOU MIGHT SEE SOME MONEY YOU FUCKING POWDER HEAD! You hiding behind J. PRINCE.

Carl you got a wholeeee contact with 300 and talking shit to me like I got yo fucking money! You are ATTACKING ME ..why? Bc you want to be FAMOUS NOT RICH. Ask KEVIN LILES WHERE YO MONEY AT STUPID.”

Tory Lanez is slated to stand trial in the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion criminal assault case when it finally starts on September 14. Following a hearing earlier this month, the Canadian singer was held in custody and ordered to post $350,000 bail after it was determined that his tweets violated Megan’s personal and criminal protection order, which dates back to the 2020 shooting.

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