Chloe Cherry has risen to prominence in the industry, after making her acting debut as Faye in HBO’s Euphoria. Chloe Cherry is always under the scrutiny of young folks, owing to her wild ideas. At Coachella, recently Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry wore a bizarre wardrobe with a top that says “Sex With You Sucks,” underwear that says “Porn Star,” and a skirt that says “Kitty” on the butt.

The Euphoria star also made an impression during the festival, posing with a Ferris Wheel in the background during a show. Actress Chloe Cherry was spotted wearing an outlandish ensemble that included a blouse that read “Sex With You Sucks.”

Kitty was scrawled on the back of the blonde looker’s blue denim little skirt. Her underwear, which said Porn Star, was visible. Chloe also wore blue over-the-knee socks with sneakers. The 24-year-old was seen dancing around at night with her hair in pigtails.

While working in the porn industry, Cherry acquired an eating disorder. After an agent informed her she was “big” and that “the fastest way to lose weight is by not eating,” the actress, who acted in more than 200 X-rated films before earning the role of heroin addict Faye in the smash HBO Max adolescent drama, severely reduced her daily calorie consumption to 200 per day.


The post is trending on Instagram and fans are loving her wild bold attire. Did you like it? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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