Benzino has found himself on hot waters lately. The record producer can’t seem to avoid bad press. He might’ve outdone himself this time as Benzino was arrested following an alleged altercation with his ex, Althea Heart. Benzino responded to recent accusations that he had a romantic relationship with a transgender woman.

In a livestream with QueenzFlip, Benzino discussed his relationship with Shauna Brooks, a transgender lady. The veteran rapper claimed to have appeared in a film with Brooks, but he has never met her. Althea Heart, Benzino’s ex, felt something was wrong with Brooks despite never meeting him.

Me and Shauna Brooks had a couple conversations on the phone. I guess Althea heard about it and tried to insinuate I was f-cking with a transgender. So, of course, [that’s] the very thing that I was talking about as far I don’t want to be looked upon as messing with a transgender. Because I don’t have to argue that point. I’ve always messed with women. I love [his current girlfriend] Ashley very, very dearly. She’s beautiful. She’s a woman. I’ve always loved women.

I don’t know what happened, but when Althea had try to say something, Shauna must’ve taped the conversation and put the conversation out. When I heard the conversation, you could tell the conversation’s been chopped up.


That Shauna Brooks thing was like three years ago. Now, let’s just have common sense, right? If I was f-cking with a transgender and I was on the phone with ‘em, don’t you think that conversation would all nasty as f-ck? Don’t you think you would’ve heard something outta me that insinuated some type of sexual [stuff]? When I’m talking to her is after when Althea made a thing about it.

When you listen to the tape, there’s nothing of me saying any type of sexual relationship that you would think that. But people are gonna try to take sh-t, try to smear my name.

Benzino’s interaction with Brooks was shared on social media earlier this week. He claimed it was doctored to make him appear awful. Benzino aired his dissatisfaction with the issue on social media, with 50 Cent joking about it. Benzino also brought up his past with 50 Cent, criticizing the G-Unit rapper’s Instagram taunting.

50’s also took a jab at Young Buck recently with a type of humor that society has long since left in the dust. Even if Young Buck was gay, attacking him for it is a bad look. Take a look at what Benzino had to say in the video below.

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