Latto talked about a male rapper supposedly giving her a hard time about landing a feature before releasing her 777 album last month. The first focus of online suspicion was on Kodak Black. However, an industry insider now blames Lil Wayne for harassing Latto over feature request.

Latto’s fans began trying to figure out who rapper reportedly sexually harassed him over a verse request. Mandii B, a podcaster for Whoreible Decisions, discussed the topic on her show See, The Thing Is… Mandii revealed what she learned regarding Latto’s allegations while discussing with co-host Bridget Kelly and special guest Tiffany Red.

To be fair, Latto did not confirm that it was actually Kodak. I will say, the tea I got… So I don’t even know if I can share this tea but it’s old now. I actually heard it was Wayne, from someone that knows him.

After receiving backlash for presumably being the subject of the conversation, Kodak Black denied that Latto was referring to him. Dyryk, Black’s engineer, went so far as to trash Latto on his Instagram Story. Latto would not reveal the identity of the person who reportedly tried to exchange a verse for sex.


Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino collaborated on a track called “Sunshine” for her 777 project. Wayne has yet to respond to Mandii B’s statements as of press time. Check out Latto’s Sunshine featuring Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino below.

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