Drake fans recently went crazy after a new track with Jack Harlow leaked online. “Come Home, The Kids Miss You” is Harlow’s upcoming album. One track featured Drizzy rapping about his childhood abandonment issues. The tune was not officially released yet, but fans were loving the early access.

With his expensive legal team in tow, Drake has begun to remove the song from every social media outlet where it was posted. The track has vanished from most sources. Various Twitter posts that included the leak now show a message saying the Six God had reported it for a copyright violation.

“This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

While Drake and Jack Harlow are fully within their rights to remove the track, fans haven’t reacted with much positivity. The song is set to be released soon, as the album comes out on May 6. The public relations headache might not be worth it.

Meanwhile, Drake continues to dabble in shady cryptocurrency gambling. After months of posting his “gambling winnings” via the Stake app on social media, Drake finally announced that he was a business partner with the site. The conflict of interest means he might not be as big of a baller as he claims. It also means the gambling winnings are a lie.

We will have to see if the backlash over the copyright takedowns hurts Jack Harlow’s album sales. Fans were enjoying the song, and it was getting positive reactions. When the ultra-rich act with what can be perceived as greed, fans can start to turn on them.

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Michael Perry

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