Oscar De La Hoya put together one of the most storied careers in boxing history. Once considered the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, Oscar knows a thing or two about the sport. Many fans were shocked when De La Hoya had nothing but good things to say about one controversial young fighter.

Jake Paul has been criticized for selecting opponents of a low caliber or that are very inexperienced over his first several pro fights. Paul believes De La Hoya is seeing something everyone else is not. Jake is putting in a lot of work and thinks he has a natural talent for the sport.

TMZ Sports caught up with Jake Paul to ask his thoughts on the boxing legend’s kind words. Of course, Jake agrees with Oscar De La Hoya. The Problem Child thinks he can beat champions. He even has one in mind.

“To hear that from [De La Hoya] means a lot, but he’s right and I’ve been saying it all along. I sound so cocky, ‘he’s right!’, but it’s true man. I beat world champions in the gym and sparring.

Two years as a professional and I’m already doing that, it’s clearly a natural talent that I have, a natural power that I have and I work my ass off. People don’t really see that.

They think I just go in there but I’m day in, day out twice a day, three times a day in the gym working on getting better in the sport. It is awesome to hear that and I’m gonna prove that I can beat world champions on the big stage.”

Jake said he wants to go straight to the top of the boxing world. That means he wants to fight Canelo Alvarez, currently rated by experts as one of the best on the planet. It is an ambitious plan for Jake Paul, but it would likely be more entertaining than fights against washed-up MMA fighters.

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