Kim Kardashian has quite a few siblings to share their love-hate relationships between. Kim has previously seen badmouthing Kendall reportedly as a joke. This time the SKIMS artist has again made mean comments about her sister in a video.

Kim took to her Instagram to post a video after Khloe’s daughter True’s big fourth birthday bash, reported The Sun. On panning the camera we could see Kendall along with a white horse of hers. As the horse began to nibble on the lawns and Kim said under her breath: “Okay, there goes my grass.”

Last week Friday, Kardashian fans slammed Kim for her “shady” diss toward Kendall. The Kardashians recently made an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. On the topic of conversing in group chats, Kendall said she “mutes or silences the chat.” As Kendall commented that the group chat is “just a lot,” Kim simultaneously said under her breath, “For your mental health?”

Reddit fans took their disappointment towards the reality star and posted about the incident. One user wrote about Kim’s remark: “That little comment was such a disgusting little jab made to invalidate Kendall’s mental health.” Another fan chimed in: “Poor Kendall! That was such a mean comment.” A third added: “They are super ignorant about mental health and see it as an excuse. Funnily Kim needs the most therapy.”

This wasn’t the only time Kim did something questionable toward Kendall. Amid the backlash, Kim claimed she would have “murdered” her Kendall over getting the Vogue cover image. Both of the sisters were up to be on the Vogue cover page but Kim got the final nod.

Kendall recently opened up about struggling with anxiety. We can argue it is a squabble between siblings or something more serious as the internet claims. We can just hope it’s just banter and there’s no bad blood between the sisters.

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