Legendary WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall’s death came as a shock to the entire pro-wrestling community. Over the course of years, he has made tremendous contributions to the sports entertainment and gave fans several unforgettable moments. He was finally laid to rest on Friday.

Scott Hall’s son Cody Hall shared on Instagram that his father was buried on Friday. Other names who were present at the burial were Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash.

“We buried my father yesterday. And I guess it was the last step in the process, but it still feels like I’m going through a ton”, Hall’s son wrote.

“Being my dads son wasn’t always easy, in fact it used to feel really hard sometimes, he was hard sometimes. But it feels different now, not my burden to bear but my torch to carry going forward. A legacy from a legend. It feels like he’s with me now. The whole world feels different now. I feel so different now,” he continued.


In the heartwarming post Cody Hall spoke about the memories he shared with his father and it was very clear through his words how hard the untimely death hit them.

“Death is part of the circle of life, and my father lives through me.

And so many memories live in my head and my heart forever now, all the sayings he had, all the facial expressions, going fishing together, him blasting Shaggy -” it wasn’t me ” every morning to wake us up for school, thinking George foreman turkey burgers are a delicacy, singing country songs on our drives, the spot on the side of the garage we’d both pee in to see how deep we could go, wearing our matching #HallGood shirts and color coordinating outfits, seeing him when he was ON how he could light up and flip a switch and be the best person you could ever meet

He was my best friend, he taught me everything I know. And I’ll never ever forget it.”

He concluded his post and wrote, “I love you dad”

One of the biggest stars in the 90s, Hall was known for his incredible performance against Shawn Michaels and Sean Waltman- and as a part of the NWO alongside Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. The void he left behind can never be filled. He will forever be remembered as the best ever to do it.

Bhupen Dange

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