Michael Bay is most known for his big-budget, high-concept action films, which feature fast editing, stylistic filmmaking and imagery, and a lot of special effects, including explosions. However, in a recent interview, Michael Bay expressed his support for Will Smith.

Following Will Smith’s incident with Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, Michael Bay was asked if he would ever work with him again, and the Ambulance director had a firm answer. Bay stated he’d “absolutely, 100 percent” work with Smith again in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Bay claims that his initial reaction to the slap was that he didn’t actually believe what he had seen.

“At first, immediately I’m like, Did this just happen? Then I saw the yell from Will. That’s a real Will yell. Will is an amazing fighter. He’s studied boxing.”

Bay also slammed Hollywood and the media for their response to the slap. The incident is receiving more coverage than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he believes.

“There are babies getting blown up by the hundreds right now and people are so concerned about this. I don’t know. To me, it’s just like, enough of it. All right, so a dramatic thing happened, but I just think we’ve got to get our priorities straight.”

Bay directed the previous two Bad Boys films, which starred Smith and Martin Lawrence, but he did not return for 2020’s Bad Boys for Life. A fourth feature was in the works, but Smith’s outburst at the Oscars forced the production of Bad Boys 4 to be put on hold indefinitely. Smith has also been banned from attending the Oscars for the next ten years.

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Smita Singha Roy

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