Scheana Shay made her big TV debut with Vanderpump Rules. While she is still on the show she has upset fans for her actions. Fans are ripping Scheana Shay for something supposedly illicit against Vanderpump co-star Stassi Schroeder.

During her time at the reality show, Scheana had some bad blood with her so-stars. An old controversy has been reignited by fans. It pertains to a solo-sex tape that Stassi Schroeder claims Shay shared with people at SUR.

Schroeder said that Shay watched and then shared a video that had originally been made for an ex-boyfriend. There were also rumors that Shay was helping the ex to sell the video to TMZ. Scheana Shay admitted to watching it but not to sharing it with anyone else.

The moment when it all went down at the season 3 reunion is now being re-hashed by fans on Reddit. People are contemplating if Shay deserved to be fired for the action. The thread, titled “Do you think that Scheana should have gotten fired for sharing Stassi’s sex tape to her coworkers? Honestly, I can’t watch her continue to defend her abusive/deadbeat fiancé anymore” had a long initial post about the incident with several comments.

The incident is now being looked at with a keen eye by many fans. “I know that Scheana will never take accountability for her actions, the OP wrote. Several fans agreed that Shay should probably have been fired. Check out the discussing below.

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Shifa Jahan

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