Kim Kardashian and Van Jones are friends in the industry. Fans were shocked when a rumor surfaced that Kim and Van were dating. However, it was recently revealed that Kim Kardashian and Van Jones were joking about their rumored romance.

Van Jones, the CNN host, has never dated Kim Kardashian, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the notion while it lasted. Kim laughed off the erroneous claim that the pair had gotten together after her breakup from Kanye West during an appearance on Jones’ Amazon Original podcast, Uncommon Ground. Jones regarded the joke as the best rumor ever.

“Now that we’re broken up, we can actually have a conversation in public. Best rumor ever.”

“I know! It was so weird.”

“But I tell you, being a big nerd, having all my guys from college calling, like, thinking I was like the hero. I was like, ‘No, we’re just working on trying to get people out of prison,” he said. ‘But it was a cool rumor.”

Kim, who has worked closely with the media celebrity on the issue of jail reform, claimed she was taken aback when rumors of their relationship began to circulate. Kim recalled that the timing of the romance speculation would have been too soon following her split from husband Kanye West.

Kim is getting serious with her current rebound, Pete Davidson. Kim even introduced Pete Davidson to her family. Now let’s see when this couple gets married. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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