Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is always at the center of fans’ criticism for one thing or the other. Kailyn is caught throwing shade at her baby daddies. multiple times. Fans literally drag her through the mud for her comments on anything, which even include birds.

Kailyn Lowry has four sons from three previous relationships, so her feuds are on an entirely different level. Lowry admitted that she’s been “toxic” in other people’s life while dealing with ongoing co-parenting troubles with her two kid fathers. Apparently, Kail is being dragged for shading her exes.

Most recently, one user published Kailyn’s tweet to kick off a Reddit discussion. Kailyn was boasting about receiving calls from her exes at 2AM The headline of the discussion read: This b@&^h 🙄

One Redditor said: “No, because I know how to maintain appropriate boundaries RAE 🙄”


Another stated: “isaac is 12, he (and his classmates) are old enough to see the embarrassing stuff she posts online. does she seriously never think of this???”

A third person chimed in, saying: “You know how facebook shows u all the memories and all the cringe stuff u posted in 2009? That’s the same feeling I get reading her posts.”

A commentator pointed out: “No cuz my ex’s actually have respect for me.”

Fans mercilessly dragged her for being so petty. The Reddit thread is attached with this article along with Kailyn Lowry’s tweet from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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