Antonio Brown is one of the league’s top wide receivers, and he certainly got to show it last year when he was healthy. Unfortunately, late in the season, Brown felt insulted by the Bucs, which resulted in a massive tantrum in which he rushed off the field after removing all of his gear. It seems he recently discussed if he would return to Tampa Bay.

Brown was fired by the team right away, and he is now a free agent with nowhere to go, at least for the time being. Brown was recently interviewed by TMZ, when he was asked about his NFL future. He was asked at one point if he would ever contemplate returning to Tampa Bay if the team approached him.

I don’t think that’s a possibility. How things were handled. How I was handled in regards to the injury. [They] just weren’t able to use me for my value. My true value. But I was grateful for the opportunity and the position that I was in and I made the most out of it.

AB instantly dismissed the idea, alleging that he had been treated unfairly and would never return. Ever since the NFL star was released from the Buccaneers, Brown has been hanging around with Kanye. In their newfound bromance, Ye named Brown the president of one of his biggest ventures, Donda Sports.

The fact that Bruce Arians is no longer the head coach adds to the intrigue of these remarks. Of course, he’s still a part of the franchise, but perhaps this will persuade AB to change his mind. Check out the TMZ interview video below.

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